Ravenzcall Mission Statement

 Working Together

Our goal is to locate, facilitate and utilize assets within the local, rural communities in which we serve.  We acknowledge cultural differences and strive to work respectfully with others for the betterment of the community.


Working alongside community members to provide food, shelter and opportunities to contribute to the local culture and provide income producing practices.

Fighting poverty, providing hope for children at risk and the communities in which they live.


Providing human trafficking intervention and restoration training as well as basic academics free of charge to at risk children whose families have no opportunity to do so.

 Created To Be Free        Combating slavery    Restoring Hope

   Ravenzcall Inc.

Ravenzcall focuses on raising public awareness of the growing problem of human trafficking of children for the purpose of exploitation within the illegal sex industry as well as the child soldier and others who are caught in the child labor market.

We place emphasis on the important role of local, national and global faith communities in the provision of hope, healing and restoration.  That is why we partner with Christ centered organizations who are proactively providing intervention and healing to marginalized children within developing countries.  We also promote literacy which provides children and their families with greater opportunities to not only support themselves, but contribute tangibly to their communities with sustainable and fair trade practices.