Ravenzcall Inc.

Ravenzcall Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2011 in order to raise awareness of the growing problem of human trafficking across the globe and to bring restoration and hope to children at risk living in marginalized environments.

 We initially  accomplished this by operating a small "coffee café with a cause" in Dunsmuir, California. High quality fairly traded coffee and gift items were sold, awareness information was available free of charge and guest speakers and musicians performed on special occasions. 

Profits were allocated to other Christ centered organizations who worked directly in the areas such as anti-pornography campaigns,  intervention, aftercare, night shelters, education and community development to better the lives of children abroad.

The café closed in 2014 but our purpose remains the same.  More emphasis has since been placed in prevention, intervention and education, both academically and socially.  It became clear to Board members that our efforts and modest budget should be spent on communities located within developing countries where countless children will never be given an opportunity to see the society in which they live through anything other than eyes filled with fear and hopelessness.

We are very small but our vision is still huge.  We have seen first hand how one person can make great strides and a huge difference to children as well as their families and communities.  Always, we will believe that each child is "Created To Be Free". 

Vicki Pierce

Meet the Directors

Grace Sanchez

Gregory Noiseux

Toni DeForet-Noiseux