Providing Intervention Training to older female students in Uganda.

BELOW: Promoting Awareness of Human Trafficking and Intervention Activities in the USA through public speaking and Opportunity Fairs.

   Ravenzcall Inc.


In order for children living within a developing country, education is essential in order to acquire a reputable job and ultimately provide stability for their families.  Traffickers prey on the uneducated;  falsely promising them schooling and good jobs.  While we are not an organized school, we do provide basic reading, writing and math skills at no cost to their families.  Our goal is to continue to provide and improve the current learning structure.  On the horizon is the goal of providing select occupational training for older children. 

Just as important as academics, is information.  That is why we speak publically in the USA to provide awareness  as well as provide "Intervention Training" to older at risk children abroad  specifically targeting the subject of human trafficking and slavery.

We have provided food,  desks, textbooks, school and office supplies to students at a small village school on the shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda.