Ravenzcall Inc.


In the love and healing that Jesus Christ can give and that true peace and restoration comes from knowing and trusting in His birth, life, death and resurrection.

That is why incorporate Biblical principles into our educational program.  We help provide sound life skills training for children and adults,  sponsorships for local conferences, leadership training,

Every child deserves an education.

That is why we help promote literacy by providing basic academics to rural, at risk  children whose families have no way or means to send their children to school.

Children and their families need to be made aware of risk of human trafficking and learn how to avoid becoming a victim.

That is why we have developed "Awareness Training" for all children. . . girls and boys alike.

Families and communities should work toward becoming self sustaining economically.

That is why we survey and develop opportunities for "Asset Based Community Development", which includes utilizing local skills, commodities, and natural resources.  We initiate and assist with, tangible projects such as gardens, poultry rearing, farming, domestic skills and transport services.

Discipleship and community development needs to be integrated  gradually implemented  with local people within the village with Americans serving in a support role

 That is why we continually research and develop ways to use local businesses in the village and surrounding communities for commodities and labor.  We currently work alongside Ugandan citizens to implement and manage basic literary skills and ultimately train in the area of vocational skills. 

We must make every effort possible to eradicate slavery.

That is why we support Fair Trade and Sustainable practices. Each of us can speak with our dollars.  Think about who made it before you buy it!

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