"Sustainability". We hear it everywhere!  Agreed that is is an overused and somewhat liberally flaunted word. 

For us, our actions would be understood more clearly if we altered the order of the word just a little......  "Ability (to) Sustain"  

Our conviction is that working toward productive community development is foundational in fighting poverty and illiteracy. We work within the confines of overcrowded villages to help local people groups locate and utilize assets at hand.  One of many examples in Uganda is gathering banana leaves and other nearby organic materials and teaching children to weave mats.  These can be sold for a modest profit and the money used for educational materials.  Although basic in practice, it helps teach young children the value of working, earning, saving and spending wisely. 

Also, we utilize local goods and labor whenever possible, reducing the need to outsource as well as resorting to overdeveloped dependence on the west.

Working side by side to improve living areas

Contributing to local economic structures by purchasing goods and services locally whenever available.

   Ravenzcall Inc.